Hey there hi there ho there.
Sorry I haven't updated and brought new work to the site. So much has been going on that its put a hold on my creativity. I know that this is not a good way to start this project, but I am still going. Now, as far as the projects I posted I was going to do...

Well, I know I said I was first going to do a rant about the 1990 movie, Problem Child. Then after watching it again, twice even, I really couldn't find concrete stuff about the movie to rant about. I actually like that movie. So, I thought hell than I will write a rave.  I couldn't do that either. It's a good movie but the story is very simple, easy written and the characters are not that complexed. The actors are good for the movie. So my rave would have only been really short. Gah! 

In he personal realm of my life, it appears that a switch in jobs is needed. But no more excuses!!!
I will be doing a project soon. Possibly a Vlog. ooo yes a vlog.

So stay tuned.

~ Bionic Chick

Tomorrow is the Hoppy Bunny Day. I wish everyone a great weekend. As far as my project goes, I will probably be doing a few written items first before I start putting my ugly mug in front of a camera and posting it up here. So please be patient with me. I will keep you posted!
OK, so now I have just finished posting my first Review. First anything on here. Whew, scary. Well if y'all like it I will keep it up. If not, well screw y'all, I'm gonna keep it up anyways. I'm kidding. Let me know what you think.   =>_<=