Hola!! So I know I have been slacking on my project here more than I like and I'm sorry. I may have lost some of your guys interest. Sorry!!! :( 
I have been going through  life.  I have learned to love something it is gone and I have to learn to love something new. But rest asure I still love anyone one that is reading this.
An update on my leg: I am still hurting with mild pain. "Active On" is my best friend :D  But I still have high hopes to recover 99.91 %  minus the scars of course.  :D
I started a new job. YAY!!! I like it a lot. A Stressful day to them is a relaxed day to me that I'm used to. I like the people I work with, however it is not my old team which I miss a lot ( yes, Jon, Rob, Karla, Elaine, and Sean Im sayin' you).
But I have to move on to better myself. And I know within time I will be great.
BUT MOVING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I want to know what YOU want  me to watch. Tell me what movie you would like for me to see and I will comment on it here.
Tell me!!

To anyone that reads this... I love you before I knew you. I love you when I met you. I love you before I see your eyes.

 be kind to each other,