Holy Crap! Has it been that long since I started ( and never finished) this project?!
I apologize! I have been, well, living (and not).
Long story short, I went through surgery again to take out the screws in my leg. The were causing
a lot of pain.  I moved out! --Angels sing in joyous song with me!-- I fell in love and lost the love. Made new friends and lost a few too.  I have a new and laid back job. I quit smoking. I am starting to lose this weight to help the leg.  I have a (dog) baby boy who I adore!  Name is Kel-EL. If you get it good, if not, then F*N google it you non-geeks.
I hope to be back for good and more frequent. I will be posting a lot of random, bat shit crazy things and maybe something you might like. If you are easily offended or get offended by anything I say, I apologize that you are close minded and think for the rest of the world.   But please stay and enjoy the awkwardness of the world through my eyes.
***Cheers to second chances***
:{D  J