Holy Crap! Has it been that long since I started ( and never finished) this project?!
I apologize! I have been, well, living (and not).
Long story short, I went through surgery again to take out the screws in my leg. The were causing
a lot of pain.  I moved out! --Angels sing in joyous song with me!-- I fell in love and lost the love. Made new friends and lost a few too.  I have a new and laid back job. I quit smoking. I am starting to lose this weight to help the leg.  I have a (dog) baby boy who I adore!  Name is Kel-EL. If you get it good, if not, then F*N google it you non-geeks.
I hope to be back for good and more frequent. I will be posting a lot of random, bat shit crazy things and maybe something you might like. If you are easily offended or get offended by anything I say, I apologize that you are close minded and think for the rest of the world.   But please stay and enjoy the awkwardness of the world through my eyes.
***Cheers to second chances***
:{D  J

Hola!! So I know I have been slacking on my project here more than I like and I'm sorry. I may have lost some of your guys interest. Sorry!!! :( 
I have been going through  life.  I have learned to love something it is gone and I have to learn to love something new. But rest asure I still love anyone one that is reading this.
An update on my leg: I am still hurting with mild pain. "Active On" is my best friend :D  But I still have high hopes to recover 99.91 %  minus the scars of course.  :D
I started a new job. YAY!!! I like it a lot. A Stressful day to them is a relaxed day to me that I'm used to. I like the people I work with, however it is not my old team which I miss a lot ( yes, Jon, Rob, Karla, Elaine, and Sean Im sayin' you).
But I have to move on to better myself. And I know within time I will be great.
BUT MOVING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I want to know what YOU want  me to watch. Tell me what movie you would like for me to see and I will comment on it here.
Tell me!!

To anyone that reads this... I love you before I knew you. I love you when I met you. I love you before I see your eyes.

 be kind to each other,

Hey there hi there ho there.
Sorry I haven't updated and brought new work to the site. So much has been going on that its put a hold on my creativity. I know that this is not a good way to start this project, but I am still going. Now, as far as the projects I posted I was going to do...

Well, I know I said I was first going to do a rant about the 1990 movie, Problem Child. Then after watching it again, twice even, I really couldn't find concrete stuff about the movie to rant about. I actually like that movie. So, I thought hell than I will write a rave.  I couldn't do that either. It's a good movie but the story is very simple, easy written and the characters are not that complexed. The actors are good for the movie. So my rave would have only been really short. Gah! 

In he personal realm of my life, it appears that a switch in jobs is needed. But no more excuses!!!
I will be doing a project soon. Possibly a Vlog. ooo yes a vlog.

So stay tuned.

~ Bionic Chick

Tomorrow is the Hoppy Bunny Day. I wish everyone a great weekend. As far as my project goes, I will probably be doing a few written items first before I start putting my ugly mug in front of a camera and posting it up here. So please be patient with me. I will keep you posted!
OK, so now I have just finished posting my first Review. First anything on here. Whew, scary. Well if y'all like it I will keep it up. If not, well screw y'all, I'm gonna keep it up anyways. I'm kidding. Let me know what you think.   =>_<=