This is an AWESOME gift for your frat bros. your fun Sisters. Or just to enjoy a backyard BBQ with friends.  Caution: Drink fast in the heat!. I bet thesr are also aswesome as jello shooters!! Just sayin :D

For the Shooter at heart like me. Here is another shooter "glass" you may like....
Gummy Shooters!!!

I have more gadgets and gizmos to see. Stay tooned!!!
Now first off I am no make up artist and I am not a porfessional when it comes to putting on the face paint. I am however a girl that loves to play with shades, colors, textures and what nots.  I am also like must women on a tight budget, I can not afford to shop at Sephora as much as I would like. 
Now I love lipstick. I love plums and reds but it is really hard to find a good lipstick that will not come off right away, that is not sticky and feels like you have sap on your lips and CHEAP!
So shopping at a local small retail store I came across NYX cosmetics.  I saw that each lip and eyeliner were only $1.50! So I bought a couple lipliners, thought I give it a shot. I fell in love. They go on smooth and easy, it lasted a long time on. Granted after I ate lunch or something I had to reapply but hell for a buck fifty you can't beat it.  I went back and got more colors and a couple of the same colors I knew I would use more frequently.  The eyeliners are just as awesome.
Now if you are curious where I got them was here in Albuquerque at DOT. The small retail store off Montgomery and Louisiana by TJ Maxx.  They sell them for $1.50!!!  (I like DOT they have cute things for cheap!). Now if you do not live in "The Duke City", you can go to NYX website, they're $3.50 there but still not a bad deal (Click the lipliner pic for web link!).  I haven't tried their other products but I will and hopefully enjoy them just as much.